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Table Tops

Whether you are looking to protect your existing furniture with a table top glass  covering, or order a new piece of thick glass for a coffee table, we are here to assist you.

Table Tops NY
Table Tops NY
Protective Glass Table Tops

Protect your furniture with a 1/4″ clear or tinted glass table top. Help keep your furniture looking brand new for years to come. Protective glass coverings will help guard your furniture from water marks, scratching and general wear and tear. Our experienced glass cutters can cut  any table pattern you might have. Table tops are normally 1/4″ thick and cut in house. We have our own glass polisher so the edges will come out with a brilliant shining finish. Glass table tops can be cut to match any size or style table. Turn around is generally a few days.

Thick Glass Table Tops

When you are looking to create a new glass table, thick glass tops are the way to go. You can customize the edges and thickness to fit your specific needs. For something a little smaller like an end table or a coffee table, choose a 3/8 inch to 1/2 inch thickness. For something more study, choose a 1/2″ to 3/4″ thickness. This would be the thickness you would want to use for a dinner table or a conference table. Half inch and three quarter inch glass table tops are available in many stock sizes, but any custom size can be ordered and delivered to your door within a few weeks. Visit our showroom today and see our many edges that are available to choose from!

Cabinet Glass Shelves

Cabinet glass shelves in normally an area that people don’t think of. However, glass shelves in your cabinets can completely change the look of your kitchen, bar, or china cabinet. If you replace your old wood shelving with new glass shelving, your cabinets will look bigger, feel more open, and best of all, look brighter. Sometimes people don’t realize that you can completely change the look of a kitchen by installing glass in the doors, putting in glass shelves, and adding some simple top lighting.

Giovani Glass  has the ability to create beautiful glass table tops, built to your specifications. There’s several benefits to a glass table top including protection and improved aesthetics. Glass table tops can protect your furniture from scratches and possible damage.

Table Tops Brooklyn NY
Table Tops Brooklyn NY



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