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Rolling Enclosures NYC
Rolling Enclosures NYC

The rolling enclosure systems designed by Giovani Glass offer an affordable and simple method for fully enclosing an outdoor pool, shower doors patio, or courtyard, keeping it warm and useable in the cold winters, but open to the hot sun and cooling breezes of the summer.

 Giovani Glass has perfected outdoor enclosure systems for cost-effective installations based around pre-designed concepts that can be opened manually. For more information about Libart's product line, please visit

 Giovani Glass  is an innovative design, manufacturing, and marketing company that provides architectural solutions to residential and commercial building owners who are looking for a unique way to enclose swimming pools and patio structures.

 Giovani Glass  brings you modern, smart designs that allow natural light in while sheltering you from the weather and harmful UV rays. Our designs have been in use in residential and commercial buildings all over the world for the past 16 years. Our widespread network of qualified distributors assures you that will you get the custom fit and quality installation you deserve.

Rolling Enclosure New York
Rolling Enclosure New York

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