Monday, 18 February 2019

Interior Doors

Interior doors made of glass can already be considered classic. They are often installed in apartments, private homes, and even hotels. These doors have their own characteristics that should be considered when choosing this type of door.
Glass door can have any appearance and any color of the glass. The decor depends only on your preferences. In a practical sense, the interior glass doors can be divided into transparent and translucent. Transparent doors with frosted patterns are also possible.
Transparent doors are suitable for rooms that do not require a sense of privacy. They will perform the function of sound and thermal insulation, like ordinary doors, but they will not hide you from prying eyes. For example, such doors can be installed in the kitchen. They hold the smell, but perfectly let the light through.

Doors made of translucent glass are the most popular. Most often, the material of such doors is frosted glass. These doors provide privacy, as they hide the forms of objects behind them. Nevertheless, the frosted glass doors let the light in, which makes them less depressing compared to conventional doors.

The main advantage of the glass doors is the ability to transmit the light. By installing such doors between the rooms of your house or apartment, you will make the light penetrate into the rooms, that do not have windows. For example, the light will penetrate from the lighted room into the dark corridor. Thus you can save electricity.



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