Friday, 22 February 2019

Sandblast Patterns

Matte tracery makes the design of glass more unique, and the interior of the room becomes luxurious, original and modern. Sandblasting is a common way to create frosted patterns on the glass. This method is often used for the creation of shower cabin doors.

One of the best decoration for the shower door is the application of various patterns by glass matting or etching. These methods allow creating a beautiful design without the use of different colors. Thus, the matte patterns look reserved and elegant and can fit into any interior.

A special metal or film template is applied to the piece of the glass, which must be processed. Then sand is blasted to the glass surface. The particles of the sand, due to their high abrasive properties, destroy the glossy surface of the glass and matt it.

Most often, a tracery is used as the design of the shower door. But it can also be a variety of drawings and landscapes. There are also two ways of applying such patterns. The first way involves the combination of matted patterns with glossy glass. In the second case, the opposite is true: all the glass must be matted, and the patterns remain glossy. There is one more method, which allows creating more volumetric and deep drawings. To this end, sandblasted traceries are applied to the glass on both sides.

The frosted glass not only has a good look but also has practical advantages. Sandblasting makes the glass less transparent. That is especially useful for the shower cabin doors. In addition, this glass is less slippery. And its appearance will harmoniously fit any bathroom.



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