Monday, 25 February 2019

The Glass Mansard

The use of the attic as living space became popular in the middle of the 17th century. Then the popularity of such roofs was brought by the French architect Francois Mansart. The name "mansard" appeared in his honor.

The attic is often associated with the technical uncomfortable room. Nevertheless, nowadays sometimes it may be the most luxurious part of the house. To do this, you need only the correct design, which will allow you to turn the features of this type of room into advantages. And here again, the glass will help you.

A sloping ceiling is among the most distinctive features of the attic. Also, its important characteristic is the absence of other floors above. If you make a glass mansard, the attic will change beyond recognition. The low parts of the ceiling will no longer oppress. On the contrary, there will be a feeling of freedom and flight. You will see the sky and the world. That is the way to reveal all the main advantages of the attic. After all, to create such an effect on the lower floors is impossible.

Glass mansard is a great idea for creating a small garden or just a recreation area within the house. You can feel yourself in nature without leaving your home. You will enjoy the beauty of winter while feeling warm. And it is possible to sunbathe In the summer, being at home.



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