Friday, 15 March 2019

Colored Shower Doors

The color palette of the shower room is often quite monotonous. Most often there are shades of blue and white. This discreet color palette can be decorated with a bright, eye-catching element. For example, you can choose an unusual color for the design of a shower stall or shower bath. 

Shower doors are, maybe, the most noticeable part of the shower stall. They must be transparent or translucent so that light can penetrate the cabin. Therefore, the material of such doors is almost always glass.

Glass, as a material, provides tremendous artistic possibilities. Clear glass allows to expand the visual space and to keep the harmony. At the same time, colored glass can stand out brightly among the overall design, while changing it.

Modern technology allows you to create glass almost of any color. In this case, the door leaf can be monochrome or have a lot of different color patterns and even drawings.

There are several ways to create colored glass. Among them are photo printing and use of special color films and their combinations. Pictures on glass can also be created manually (for example, by the principle of stained glass). The combination of three-dimensional and color patterns looks very beautiful, as they complement each other.



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