Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Sliding Shower Doors Installation

Many of us prefer showers rather than larger baths or jacuzzis. When installing a shower in the bathroom, it is important to choose the right door for it. There are swinging and sliding types of door systems. In each particular case, the design of the shower door is developed individually, taking into account the size of the bathroom, its style, and preferences for decoration.
The average shower has the following basic elements: 

Shower Tray. It has special legs that adjust the height and allow you to level the product.
Cabin roof. Some communications can be built into it, like "tropical rain", radio, and so on.
The glass doors of the cabin are always equipped with a roller mechanism, facilitating the process of their movement, as well as special fixings that make it easy to install them.
Back wall and side panels. They are not always provided by a complete set of shower cabins.
Sliding doors can be framed, fixed at the metal or plastic profile, or frameless - mounted by fasteners. The installation process of sliding doors can be divided into the following stages:

• installation of an external frame and guiding profiles.
• assembly and installation of the side sections;
• door assembly and installation of rollers or bearings;
• when the doors are installed, the exact height is determined with the help of adjusting brackets;
• rolling system testing;
• installation of additional elements and overhead panels.



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