Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Color Patterns

Glass products become important elements of the interior. Glass interior doors, various partitions, table tops, wall mirrors - this is not a complete list of interior items made from this beautiful material. Thanks to its attractive appearance and a wide choice of processing methods, glass and a mirror cannot only perform an important practical function but also create a cozy and beautiful atmosphere.
Color Pattern for a Glass Kitchen Backsplash
Colored Kitchen Backsplash
One of the many ways to decorate any glass or mirror surface is to apply color patterns. The choice of color is practically unlimited, and the shape of the pattern depends only on the wishes of the client. There are several ways to apply pictures on glass or mirror. The choice of method depends on the specific situation and the goals.

With the help of aniline dyes, it is possible to paint any picture or pattern at the finished glass. This process can be compared with the way the artist paints a picture at a canvas, but the canvas is made of glass, and there are special varnishes instead of paints. This method also allows you to combine color with other techniques to create a picture. For example, color matt patterns are created so.

A Mirrored Cabinet With the Color Pattern
Color Pattern for a Mirrored Surface
Such a method of applying images to the surface of glass or a mirror, as photo-printing, is quite common recently. It is divided into two main types: photo-printing on film and direct UV-printing. The first method involves printing the desired color (or black and white) image on a special film, which is then glued to the back of the glass. The UV-printing is executed directly on the surface of the glass.



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