Thursday, 18 April 2019

Glass Mosaic Shower

The shower is not only a necessary attribute of any premises. It can become a very beautiful and cozy corner of your apartment or house. High-quality and beautiful materials are very important assistance in this matter. A large role in the appearance of the shower is played by its glass doors. You probably have already seen their varieties at our site. But the material from which the walls and the tray of the shower are made is also important.

Glass Mosaic Bathroom
Glass Mosaic Shower

Glass mosaic is similar to glass tiles, but it has tiny dimensions. This method of surface finishing allows creating a reliable and elegantly beautiful coating. Glass has a number of advantages, which are necessary for use in conditions of high humidity. In addition to being water resistant, it also repels dirt and various fungi and bacteria. Small elements of the mosaic make it not so smooth and slippery, which in turn provides safety. Thus, glass mosaic is a suitable material not only for the walls but also for the tray of the shower.

Blue Glass Mosaic
Glass Mosaic

Glass mosaic, like glass furniture, can visually increase the space of a room, due to its translucency and the ability to reflect the rays of light. Glass opens wide possibilities for choosing various color shades and textures of tiles. The mosaic made of multi-colored elements that create one common picture is the most impressive.



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