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Inline Shower Enclosure

Inline Shower Enclosure
Inline Shower Enclosure

The main advantage of a shower cabin is the economy of space. At the same time, such a shower can be very beautiful and comfortable. If you are faced with the problem of insufficient space in the bathroom, you may be interested in the built-in shower enclosure.

The inline shower cabin is a niche in the wall. In fact, it is a small room, which is walled from 3 sides. Glass doors separate it from the bathroom space. The walls and the shower tray must be made of waterproof and non-slip materials. For example, textured glass has a rough surface, which makes it less slippery. It is also worth remembering the existence of special anti-slip coatings.

Inline Steam Shower
The described type of a shower cabin can have doors with either sliding or swinging system. Pendulum hinged doors will be very useful in a very small bathroom. Sliding doors also help to save space. If you are trying to increase the area of the room as much as possible, you may be interested in transparent shower doors. As you know, glass is able to expand the visual boundaries of a room because of the transparency. But if you are concerned about ensuring privacy while taking a shower, it is better to opt for opaque or colored glass doors.

The integrated shower stall is also great for creating a steam shower. The fact that it is bounded by the wall on three sides makes it easier to keep the whole structure airtight. Special steam shower doors keep steam inside the cabin, providing comfort and coziness.



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