Monday, 27 May 2019

Bi-fold Shower Doors

Depending on the opening system, the doors are divided into sliding and swing. Each of these types, in turn, has many variations. In this article, we will take a closer look at such type of sliding doors as bi-fold shower doors.
Framed Bi-fold Shower Doors
Framed Bi-fold Shower Doors
The easiest way to describe the appearance of doors of this type is to say that they look like an accordion. To a certain degree, they can be considered something of a middle between sliding and hinged doors, because the separate canvases of such a door are fastened together by hinges, as is the case with hinged doors. But at the same time, the doors open by sliding sideways.

Bi-folding doors are not only distinguished not only by their exquisite appearance. They are also great for space saving. It can be used in the bathroom of any size. The door of this type does not encroach outside the showering area while opening, as it simply folds inside the shower tray area.

Frameless Bi-fold Shower Doors
Frameless Bi-fold Shower Doors
Bi-folding doors do not require additional space for opening and closing. For this reason, this door system is often installed in narrow corridors, when the installation of doors with another system is not possible.

You can order frame and frameless, transparent or matte, neutral or colored bifold shower doors. Also, you may be interested in other types of sliding shower doors.



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