Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Printed Glass

Glass is widespread, but at the same time, very beautiful material. Products from the ordinary transparent glass are striking in their similarity with precious crystal. The ability to easily transmit light and create a flicker are valuable aesthetic features of glass. What can be said about the products of beautifully processed and decorated glass? They can be a real work of art.
A Printed Glass Interior Door
A Printed Glass Interior Door
The most common way to give glass a unique look is to color it. There are several varieties of colored glass. Among them, it is worth mentioning the glass, painted during manufacture, as well as color films. Special adhesive films can be monochrome, or any pattern can be applied to them by using digital printing. A similar result can be achieved by directly printing on the surface of the glass, which is carried out by using ultraviolet rays.
A Printed Glass Kitchen Backsplash
A Printed Glass Kitchen Backsplash
Glass with a print assumes the presence of any pattern. The choice of color and shape is not limited by anything except the imagination of the master or the customer. In this way, any photo or digital image can be depicted on glass. Printed glass is widely used to create kitchen backsplashes, various screens, and partitions, all kinds of glass doors. A small color element can be an excellent window decoration. A well-chosen design can positively affect both the interior and the exterior of the building.



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