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Obscure Bathroom Windows

A bathroom is a place where complete privacy should be ensured. However, it often borders on the street. It is not at all necessary to deprive such a room of windows, reducing the amount of light thereby. Different types of obscure windows are perfect for the bathroom. With these windows not only can you save electricity, but also ventilate the room.
Frosted Glass Windows
Frosted Glass Windows
There are different technologies for creating translucent glass. They differ in manufacturing technology, the level of transparency, and appearance. The main types are frosted, textured, and tinted glass.

The frosted glass window can be made by two main technologies. The first of these is the mechanical processing. It is most often performed by using a sandblasting method, during which the grains of sand hit the glass surface at high speed. By damaging it, they form a white haze. The second very common technique is a chemical etching of glass. A special solvent (usually hydrofluoric acid) is applied to the surface of the glass. The degree of transparency of the glass will depend on the time of exposure of the substance to the glass surface.
Stained Glass Windows for a Bathroom
Stained Glass Windows
Textured glass window can be a real decoration of the room. Manufacturing technology of such a window allows creating beautiful patterns in any style. The frequency of location and the size of the picture determine the level of transparency of such glass.

Tinted windows are most often used to protect from excessive sunlight. Among them are types with a mirrored coating, which provides privacy indoors, which is very useful in the case of use in the bathroom.



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