Saturday, 29 June 2019

Sliding Glass Patio Doors

The Door to the Patio
The Door to the Patio

Patio (isp.) - an open inner courtyard of the dwelling, surrounded on all sides by walls, galleries, gates, a lattice or a green fence of trees or shrubs. Patio for the first time became a typical subject of architecture and landscape design in the domain of nobility and townspeople during the times of the Roman Empire, spreading in times of early colonial architecture to other continents. In the US and Australia, the term patio sometimes means a veranda. Often quite compact, the patio effectively connects to the internal space of the house through glass doors.

Choosing glass doors to exit to the patio, it is not necessary to stop your choice on the swing doors. The so-called sliding glass doors are designed to slide in a horizontal direction, often with one working (opening) panel and one fixed panel. They fit into narrower spaces than swing doors because their panels do not interfere in the space of your room or patio, retaining its spectacular shape and independence from the surrounding buildings.

Glass Elegance
Glass Elegance
You can choose a very modern and elegant frameless design, then the doors themselves - whether in the open, or in the closed-form will remain almost imperceptible, and you will enjoy the contemplation of space and living nature in your open patio.



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