Tuesday, 2 July 2019

What is Frosted Glass Used for?

Frosted glass is beautiful and often turns out to be very useful in conditions of an apartment, country house, office, restaurant, cafe, holiday home, sanatorium, etc.
Frosted Glass Wardrobe Doors
Frosted Glass Wardrobe Doors

The main purpose of frosted glass - the protection of what is happening behind it from prying eyes - is in demand quite often. For example, frosted glass is used for organizing a protected intimate setting in a bedroom, when arranging individual compartments in a common room, for making partitions in sanitary rooms.

With rational planning of office space dividing walls with frosted glass will become indispensable.
Frosted Glass Partition
Frosted Glass Partition

Frosted glass is often used in everyday life, making of it parts of glass doors, edging mirrors, dishes and lighting.

Glass interior doors from lightly frosted glass are very practical in terms of an apartment, hotel, country house or residence. They pass most of the light, creating a sense of space inside even a small room, and at the same time unobtrusively hide what is happening behind them from the eyes.



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