Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Armored Glass

Armored glass has been known in construction for more than a dozen years. Fairly simple production technology and unique properties have turned the material into an indispensable product. The highlight is the metal mesh that is inside the sheet.

In the production of such glass, a mesh (lattice) of metal wire is inserted into molten glass and the workpiece is passed through special rollers.

Сracked Armored Glass
Сracked Armored Glass
History stores several interesting facts about armored glass:

1. Thanks to the unique technology, the sheets of this glass are not broken. Even with direct exposure to fire, glass does not shatter into shards. The fittings keep the glass holistic.

2. Armored glass is produced in different colors. There are a number of the most popular shades: blue, green, yellow. Paint is usually applied to an already finished product using an aerosol or an electric machine.

 Armored Glass
Armored Glass
3. Armored products are also called the "first reinforced" type of glass. It is widely used in our time for glazing public buildings, shopping centers, and exhibition halls.

4. Modern armored glass is made not only with a polished surface. It is produced with patterns and relief. Therefore, armored glass can not only protect against cold, wind and fragments but also decorate the room.

Armored glass does not lose its popularity over the years. Unlike triplex and tempered glass, it has an affordable price and a proven reputation for many years.



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