Tuesday, 20 August 2019

This Light Heals

Light is electromagnetic radiation, the carrier of which, a photon, has the properties of both wave and particle. Depending on the wavelength, it is customary to divide the optical spectrum into ultraviolet, visible and infrared radiation.

Today, color treatment is much more affordable than in antiquity.
Today, color treatment is much more affordable than in antiquity.

Phototherapy, or light therapy (photos - “light”; Greek), has existed since ancient times. In Ancient Egypt, for example, a special temple was created dedicated to "the healer which cures everything" - to the light. And in Ancient Rome, houses were built in such a way that nothing prevented photophilic citizens from indulging in “drinking the sun's rays” every day - that’s what they called the custom of sunbathing in special outbuildings with flat roofs (solariums).

Light therapy achieved great success in India, Tibet, China, and ancient Greece. Hippocrates was one of the first fathers of medicine who healed skin diseases, nervous systems, rickets and arthritis with the help of the sun. During the Middle Ages, they began to forget about light therapy, Avicenna was one of the few who tried to curb the smallpox epidemic with a red light.

Glass Prism and White Light Ray
Glass Prism and White Light Ray
And, of course, the history of light therapy is intimately intertwined with the history of the invention and manufacture of glass. It is about giving the glass different colors with the help of metal salts, and the decomposition of sunlight using prisms and focusing (concentration) of light using lenses ...

But a new era began in phototherapy only with the invention of lasers. Small size, high power, simplicity and ease of transportation of radiation have led to a revolution in medicine. Today there is not a single field of medicine where the use of lasers does not give a positive effect.



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