Tuesday, 24 September 2019

A Transparent Road up

Blue, green, pink, bronze, with steps decorated with artwork and exotic fences - that is what can be glass stairs in duplex apartments, country houses, and office buildings. This material has a lot of decor options, as well as designs. Due to this, stairwells with glass steps or glass inserts have long become a popular element in the design of modern rooms.

 Glass Stairs
Glass Stairs

For specialists, the manufacture of glass stairs is an everyday job. Therefore, having ordered this complex inter-floor structure, you will receive a designed version of a staircase with fences, ideal for your premises. In this case, the installation will be carried out taking into account all possible power loads, precisely and accurately, using high-quality fittings.

Glass stairs are compact, practical and do not require any special care. Since glass is fireproof and refractory, you won’t need to worry that a match or cigarette butt accidentally dropped will cause a fire. By choosing additional glass railings for stairs, you will become the owner of a long-lasting and safe design, which, when operating rules are followed, will last a very long time.

Glass Stairs
Glass Stairs

Cantilever or spiral glass staircases can withstand significant loads, and if nevertheless any of the impact-resistant steps is damaged, only cracks will appear on it. You can replace any element of the console ladder without changing the entire span.

In addition to steps and railings, there are glass enclosures for stairs and balustrades. Spans with glass acquire weightlessness and look great in designs where there are other structures made of the same material. Glass staircases do not contain massive elements, and their steps transmit light well. In this case, steps or fences can be transparent, tinted, engraved or matte.



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