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Glass in Modern Architecture

Well-known architect Bruno Tauta said: “If we want to raise our culture to a higher level, we must strive for the best in order to change our architecture. We can only do this by introducing glass into the architecture, which allows the light of the sun, the radiance of the moon and stars to pass through."

Crystal Palace in London
Crystal Palace in London
Built at Hyde Park in London, Crystal Palace is generally regarded as an important turning point in the history of architecture. This magnificent building made of steel and glass paves the way for using glass as an architectural element as well as a design element. Other examples of glass applications in architecture are London Bridge, Agbar and Federazija Towers, as well as Tokyo International.

Now glass is becoming the main structural element of design in many homes, office, and shopping centers. Glass transmits natural light and also takes up little room, creating more space. Glass is also a relatively inexpensive material and is fully recyclable, which is important in an environmental sense.

Tokyo International
Tokyo International
The use of glass in construction has increased dramatically due to rapid changes in the technology of its production. Previously, glass was considered a rather fragile building material, but modern glass is not only a beautiful element of decor, but it is also a safe material. Previously, glass in architecture was used only for windows. Today it is used in various elements of the exterior and interior.

The modern architectural exterior includes glass building facades, shop windows, swing doors, visors, conservatories, and decorative lanterns. All this allows our homes and offices to bathe in natural sunlight and at the same time look great. As for the interior, designers can express their art in such constructions as stairs, floors, doors, partitions, showers, ceilings, as well as all kinds of fences for elevators, atriums, stairs, etc.

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