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Do you want to literally transform the look of your room? Then its walls or ceiling will need glass cladding, which will give them a special and ultramodern look. Glass belongs to those wonderful materials that: visually push the space; allow you to "play" with color and texture; bring innovative elements to the idea of ​​interior design.

Glass in the Interior
Glass in the Interior

The decorating cladding of the facade with glass is no less in demand in the modern architectural style, providing its additional protection and is associated with the energy and success of the owner of the house. Such decor is often used in shop windows, banks, conservatories, attics, shops, offices, and shopping centers. Glass is often used as a glazing material with stained-glass windows and various decoration techniques. Especially popular today is the glass cladding of facades, made with the use of metal stainless profile parts. Buildings decorated in this style have a modern look, practicality and the best value for money.

Glass Walls
Glass Walls
Another interesting application of glass in the interior is the bathroom lining, which allows you to create truly unique interiors with sandblasting patterns, frosted effect or a pattern made by hand paints. If the wall cladding is combined with the lighting behind the glass, then your bathroom will become even more comfortable and refined.

Using glass, you can also design other surfaces, for example, metal structures or columns of various materials.

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