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It Must be Hung Correctly

Mirror mounting  is a complex process that requires maximum attentiveness, high professionalism and the availability of special equipment.

Installation works for mirrors are of the following types.

Mirror mounting on the glue. The advantage of this type of installation is the durability and ease of installation.

 Mirror Mounting on the Glue
Mirror Mounting on the Glue
Mirror mounting on a double-sided tape. This type of mirror installation is performed only on a fairly smooth surface. High skill is also required because after the installation work the mirror cannot be shifted and corrected.

Mirror or glass mounting on decorative mounts. This mounting option involves drilling holes in the mirror for special mounts. The mirror is screwed securely to the wall and decorates the room.

Mirror mounting on metal plates. This is one of the simplest types of installation because metal plates are already glued to the mirror. It remains only to screw the dowels (hooks) into the wall and carefully hang the mirror.

Mirror Mounting Parts
Mirror Mounting Parts

The installation of glass and mirrors should be entrusted to professionals because it is precisely on accuracy and experience that the excellent end result depends.

Glass paintings can be hung using special mounts. This will provide you with a reliable fixation of the glass picture on the wall of the office, at home or in the exhibition hall.

Glass shelves often become not only an element of convenience but also a beautiful decor. They are installed both in the bathroom and above the table in the bedroom or in the office. In order to hang such convenient decor, you must have brackets and fasteners. Do not hang a glass shelf on a fragile partition.

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